Root 7’s Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle

Root 7 are set to launch their brand new colour changing water bottle “The Chameleon” in February. Now if you’re like me you cannot do without ice cold water when you’re out and about and especially at the gym! This new water bottle revolutionises the way you drink, set to become an iconic must have in its own right. Using thermochromic ink which reacts to cold temperatures the Chameleon allows you to see the fill level, so you’ll know exactly how full your bottle is without having to open it. As the cold water activates the colour, empty sections of warmer air return to white colour. So you’ll also know just how cold your water is as the colour intensity gradually lightens as bottle gets warmer.

I think this bottle is so cool I just had to share with you guys! So keep you eyes peeled hopefully I can get some coupon codes for everyone to get some money off your order – I’ll keep you all updated as per 😎

So what do you guys think of this idea, comment below I’m sure Root 7 would love to know what the initial thoughts are on this innovative new bottle. Love to you all 😘💕💋

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