I Sea Pasta…

So today I’m going to be reviewing something a little bit unusual but I have to admit I am very excited to try as you may have noticed I’ve had a baby in the past year and I am doing everything in my power to get rid of the baby weight so trying some guilt free pasta is high on my to do list. So this brand Seamore do a variety of different health foods one being the I Sea Pasta Tagliatelle, it is made from 100% wild organic seaweed and is pretty low calorie with 100g being 178.3 kcal not bad! The bag cooked will produce 4 servings and once cooked you can add any of your favourite sauces just as you would normal pasta sounds easy peasy to me. So you can prepare this 2 ways either soak in cold water for 45mins or cook in a pan for 15 mins then soak in the boiling water for 25 mins so I decided to try both methods and see how we go.

The bag has a seaweed smell but I wouldn’t say the pasta itself has a very overpowering smell at all only when boiling it there was a smell of the sea most definitely, the pasta I soaked in cold water didn’t have much of a smell and after 45 mins I tried some of it with not much luck I really could not take to the taste or texture I wouldn’t say the taste is very strong but I did not like it at all. The pasta that I boiled wasn’t much better either I don’t know how you would add a sauce to it as it does have a slight seaweed smell coming off it and the thought of mixing it with a tomato or cheese sauce like you would with pasta doesn’t appeal to my taste buds. 

Sorry Seamore but this pasta is not for me.  

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