Benefit Makeup Haul!

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I first tried Benefit when I was suffering from open pores a few years ago and tried their Porefessional makeup primer and fell in love. This lead me to go on a bit of a Benefit splurge on QVC when they had a Benefit day with lots of amazing offers so I thought to myself why not!

I love to buy little sets they are brilliant for when you go on holiday or stay at a friends, I used to always take so much makeup if I went away and I wouldn’t use hardly any of it so to buy a set where everything you need is included is brilliant especially for someone like me. Also I seem to have so much makeup these days, having full size products I never seem to fully use them all up so again having a set with smaller products suits me perfectly.

The first set I’ll be reviewing is this fab little book called “How To Look The Best At Everything” the catch is it’s not actually a book but a cute set that includes the Porefessional Primer, Hello Flawless foundation in I’m Pure For Sure ivory, the Boi-ing concealer and the I Love Me ivory powder (my set is the light shade).

This set is £25.50 but as I bought mine when QVC had an offer day on for Benefit so I got two sets for £30!

As I mentioned before I had already tried the primer and that’s one of the reasons why I took the plunge with this kit.  The size of the primer in the set is 7.5ml and it covers pores like no other primer I have tried; it makes your skin so smooth, a perfect base for a flawless application – the perfect match for the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation.  The foundation size is 7ml, it is a very light coverage but goes on beautifully and you do not need a lot at all, I really love this foundation for the day it is not heavy at all and leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

This is how the foundation looks on my skin image2 (1).JPG

I also used the Boi-ing concealer and set my face with the powder that comes with the kit.

The I love me ivory powder is gorgeous, it feels so soft to touch and the set comes with a brush to use.  The finish is like satin, it is a really light weight powder but can be built up. It was a really nice surprise to get such a good quality powder as I wasn’t expecting much from it I was more excited about the primer and concealer but I would definitely go and buy this in full size when I run out, it compliments the concealer and foundation beautifully leaving a flawless look – I guess that’s why it’s called Hello Flawless it doesn’t disappoint.

Now I wanted to leave the concealer till last to review because it is so good! I have been hunting for a decent concealer for so long, one that covers but doesn’t go cakey or sit in fine lines and the Boi-ing concealer is amazing and you get two shades!

The consistency is creamy and thick it covers almost everything, I have quite red skin and it evens out my skin tone so well, it’s great just to wear the concealer on its own for a no makeup look.  I will definitely be buying more when I run out but this concealer lasts ages so I won’t be buying more anytime soon, it also is long lasting on your face set with the powder you’re set for the whole day.  You get the concealer in colour 01 and 02 and it comes in a 0.5g size.  It is called industrial strength and it definitely lives up to its name.

image1 (4).JPG

The next set I bought from Benefit is the Real Cheeky Party palette which includes:

  • dandelion illuminating face powder
  • hoola bronzing powder
  • sugarbomb “sugar rush flush” face powder
  • rockateur famously proactive face powder
  • CORALista “a rio pleasure” face powder
  • watt’s up! soft focus highlighter
  • they’re real! mascara
  • they’re real! push-up liner

The contents are said to be worth over £97 and I bought this from QVC for £27…bargain!


The blushes are lovely and go on very smooth and feel soft to touch, some have a highlight in them with a sheer shimmer not too glittery so they would be perfect for everyday wear yet could be built up to have a more intense look.  The kit comes with a little booklet to tell you about each product and how to apply which I thought was a great idea especially for makeup beginners who might feel a bit daunted by the different shades.

This is how the shades look on my arm (sorry it isn’t the best lighting) if you would like a makeup look using the blushes let me know in the comments 🙂



The eyeliner that comes with the palette is bulletproof, it is very creamy and easy to blend but then dries completely so much so I found it hard to get off my hand when I swatched the colour, definitely waterproof and party proof great for this time of year.  It comes in a push up pen so you just apply straight to your eyes, however, I think it would be a better application to break a bit off and use a brush.  The mascara is lovely too it comes with a special brush so you don’t get any clumping and can coat each lash with ease.  The liner is 3g and the mascara is 0.36g great testers to use when going away.

The highlighter that comes with the kit is called Watt’s Up! and id 1.5g  it is a nice champagne colour and can be used for a daytime look as the highlight isn’t too strong, just a nice sheen to give a dewy look.  The consistency is a nice and creamy and blends well perfect to lay over the top of the blushes.


Last but not least to review is the Stay Don’t Stray eyelid primer.  Now I bought this on it’s own direct from Benefit a while ago but since I am doing a Benefit blog it didn’t make sense to leave it out because it is such a nice product.  You can buy this full size product for £20.50, I bought the full size after having a tester size which I just loved.


It is meant to be a primer for concealers and eyeshadow but I use it as concealer it’s great, it conceals, lasts all day, doesn’t crack or go cakey, it has a lovely creamy consistency and gives a full coverage – this is why I had to go and buy the full size after using a small tester size.

Have you tried and Benefit products that you love that I might like? If you would like any make up looks using the mascara and eyeliner leave me a comment and I’ll get one up for you!

I hope you enjoyed this post TTFN 🙂







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