TU Winter Baby Clothes Haul


So I was browsing Sainsbury’s yesterday when I saw some really cute bits in TU for winter and ended up buying a really sweet outfit for my daughter and some winter warmers.  They won’t fit her until December which is great because I don’t have many 9-12 month clothes as of yet (I seemed to stock up on everything up until 6 months on wards when I was pregnant especially in the sales).


This little outfit cost in total £28 but the top is part of a 4 piece top set that cost £11.  The cardigan was £10 and the burgundy trousers were £7.  The cardigan is a really lovely material nice and thick for winter with glittery stitching and I know from previous purchases that the tops are really great quality too.  TU clothing always washes well and fits my little munchkin beautifully.  I find Sainsbury’s do such adorable pieces for children, a nicer cheaper alternative to NEXT which also do gorgeous clothes but are a bit out of my budget sometimes.  Before I was pregnant I didn’t realise what stylish clothes you could find in the supermarkets and having my daughter has even had me buying for myself its amazing what items you can find!



This is the 4 piece top set I bought to go with the burgundy trousers and cardigan.



I love how you can buy these sets brilliant for mix and matching and as I said before they wash so well.  I love the rich plum, cranberry and burgundy shades for winter they go well with some many colours and of course everything matches with jeans.

I originally went into Sainsbury’s to buy my daughter some socks and I was looking for them I saw the sweetest little hats for winter (I think a minor addiction may come out of buying her winter clothes I just love how cute she looks all wrapped up).  Of course I bought the cutest socks too to go with the outfit above 🙂


The little beret was £4.50 and the knitted pink hat (in the top photo) was £5 both are such nice quality, the beret has silver stitches so can be dressed up or dressed down.


Since it has gotten colder and after our trip to Mexico I wanted to try my baby with a sleep bag as she always pulls her blanket off herself at night so again Sainsbury’s was the one I found the perfect sleep bag for my girl.  It’s 2.5 tog Peter Rabbit theme to go with her Peter Rabbit pj’s her Nanna bought for her for £14 and she has slept in it perfectly I wish I had bought one sooner.  It isn’t too thick but I think it is ideal for these colder months, the material is lovely and soft it feels nice and comfy perfect for her, I bought age 6-12 months so hopefully when she grows out of it she won’t need another one and will be able to sleep comfortably with a blanket or quilt.



The last item from my haul was something I needed desperately and again I should have got one sooner, but better late than never, I bought my daughter a long sleeved bib as she has started weaning now and loves to grab everything herself (or spit it out everywhere or should I say spray it everywhere).  I had been using dish cloths as the small bibs just weren’t sufficient for any accidents and I was tired of changing her out of her decent outfits into something older to then change her back whilst she was eating.  I have always wanted to try and make meal times fun for her as I was quite a fussy child and I really do not want her feeling like meal times are an ordeal by getting changed or constantly being wiped down so these long sleeve full coverage bibs are amazing – meal times have never been so easy (and relaxing for me).


This little bib has been the best purchase for me (at £3 much cheaper than the ones I have seen in Toys R Us) it wipes down easily after meal times, it’s easy to put on and it has a plastic underneath so it’s waterproof leaving my daughters clothes clean and dry ready for her to carry on playing once she’s finished.  I know I’ll be taking this in her baby bag when we go out, saving all her outfits from little mishaps I’ll definitely be buying more!

Please let me know if you’ve found any bargains ready for winter or where you love to shop and of course if you have any questions ask away 🙂

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