The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

I have always been a fan of the products from the Body Shop even from a very young age when I used to go in there with my mum as a child.  I loved the animal shape soaps and the gorgeous smelling bubbles baths, then as I got older and was more into skin care I started trying their vitamin range day and night creams, serums, face mists and anything else that looked intriguing to me.  I have tried many brands for skin care some I love and still buy today and some just weren’t for me and I have to say the Body Shop is still a must buy for me with reasonable pricing, cruelty free products and beautiful results I have never been disappointed.

This post is going to be focused on the Vitamin E range that they do and the products that I have tried, tested and love! Starting with my newest purchase and favourite moisturiser in the range…


… Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet.  This moisturiser caught my eye as I was browsing the Body Shop in search of a new day cream and it was mainly due to the consistency, there really is no other way to describe it other than as a sorbet.  I couldn’t even say its more of a gel, the product is thick and nourishing yet light and absorbs so well perfect for oily or combination skin.  The finish you’re left with is matte perfect for make up almost like a primer, I find this controls my oil all day and my make up stays on so well.  It really is an invigorating moisturiser almost minty, tingling as it soaks into your skin brilliant for first thing in the morning, its cool and refreshing amazing in the summer, I really have never tried anything else like it.  This is now my favourite day cream, as I have combination skin I know I can use this and my face will be cared for with all the vitamin E goodness but won’t be left greasy or sticky, I can’t find any fault with it!


The next product I love from the Vitamin E range is their serum, a must for ageing skin perfect to use under a day cream or the aqua sorbet or even could be used by young teens for a nice thin yet concentrated moisturiser before their skin is ready for a thicker day cream.vitamin-e-moisture-serum-1-640x640

This serum is beautifully light and again my skin isn’t left shiny, perfect to use under foundation.  I first started using serums about 5 years ago when I learnt that they should be used under day creams to help slow the ageing process, I always found the serums I bought wouldn’t go very far and I always ended up using too much product.  This serum is brilliant value for money (£13 here in the UK half the price than what I was paying for other brands that wasn’t as good), the product doesn’t seem to end – it has a pump to get the serum out and one pump really does my whole face sometimes I’m even left with some to go down on my neck.  Vitamin E has many anti ageing and skin healing properties as well as being an anti oxidant and aids the penetration of other skin products, so using a Vitamin E serum is perfect!

Now just because I have combination skin doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use face oils, it actually helps stop the excess oil from being produced if I use them as my skin then knows I am already getting enough oil so it doesn’t produce too much.  I used to use face oil instead of a serum in the day and I have tried quite a few, I have tried both of the Body Shop’s vitamin E oils for day and night and again they are just as good as some more expensive alternatives that I used to use.  Now I use the overnight oil under my night cream and every morning my skin feels amazing and soft.  The oil is very light so can be worn day or night it soaks in beautifully and it has a really lovely smell so you get a bit of aromatherapy as well, brilliant before bed.  I’ve even used this oil around my eyes and had no problems whatsoever.  I know when I have used an oil as well as just a serum and day cream as my skin feels just that extra bit nourished and I especially need this in the winter months.  As I have said this oil is very light so I have worn the overnight serum oil in the day and my skin is never oily, it is left looking dewy and healthy I really do love these oils and will always use them now, you can even mix a bit into your foundation to make it go further or rub some on your lips before you apply lip liner to make sure you have extra soft lips!

After I have finished with my make up I like to use a make up finishing spray to set my make up (especially in summer) I do love the MAC prep and prime fix+ but for everyday and a cheaper setting spray I use the vitamin E face mist from Body Shop.


The face mist also has rosewater in it and is really light weight perfect for setting make up and hydrating it too.  I took this face mist to a festival earlier in the year when it was scorching hot and it was a life saver, my face constantly felt clean and refreshed even the boys were using it!  The bottle does last a very long time and at £9.50 its a nicer and cheaper alternative to the MAC finishing mist perfect for everyday use.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post of the vitamin E range, I will be doing another post on their vitamin C range which is so gorgeous I love it.  If you have any suggestions or questions let me know!


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