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The Benefits of Aloe Vera For Our Skin and Body Inside and Out

I have been using aloe vera for a number of years now ever since a member of my family became quite ill and I wanted to find a herbal remedy to help boost our immune system.  This is when I came across testimonials and reviews on how drinking aloe can help repair our bodies and cleanse ourselves to get rid of any toxins we may have.  Before I researched aloe all I knew about it was it was great for sunburn as I am fair skinned I have unfortunately been burnt before and used aloe as a cooling gel to help soothe the pain and it always worked, so it wasn’t that surprising to me to hear that it can detoxify our bodies and boost or immune system and possibly be used instead of over the counter medicine, this lead me to go on and buy an aloe plant so that I could make my own smoothies with the whole leaf and try these amazing immune boosting drinks.  Now the first time I made a smoothie with the aloe leaf (all I did was cut the spikes off, wash the leaf and blend the whole thing up with some juice and honey) I must admit it didn’t taste too nice but then again if something is good for you it isn’t meant to taste like the sweet nectar from the gods so I just had to drink the drink as quick as I could, and I did this smoothie every few months over the year and my plant just regrew new leaves and the ones that I broke off in half healed and carried on growing, amazing!

Now fortunately I haven’t been unwell to test whether the aloe can heal, maybe this is because I am drinking it often which would make sense, but my best friend has tested it when he had an ear infection which was driving him mad.  He was in so much pain that I made this drink and took it to his house for him to try, this is when I realised that aloe vera is for real and it is a true healer, he took this drink before he went to bed and when he woke up his ear had drained itself all over his pillow (sorry for tmi but I just think it is amazing how this drink helped him) and his ear ache had gone along with the infection!

So now I know this drink is the real deal and as I said before it has helped my sunburn numerous times I was wanting to find out if this miracle plant had any anti ageing benefits because as you know I love finding ways to nourish my skin and to keep it looking youthful (I sometimes feel like a guinea pig for my mum and I really don’t mind trying new products because this is when you find hidden gems).  I had read online that a lot of people who own their own plants rub the gel onto their face and hair as a mask because of the recovery properties it holds so I gave this a go, now rubbing cold gel on my face wasn’t really the luxury feeling I enjoy when trying new lotions and potions although it is pure aloe I was rubbing on my face I wanted something that I could feel like I was being pampered with, so I went on to search for something luxurious but that also included aloe as a main ingredient.  Now this is when I came across the company called Forever


…this moisturising cream is just one of the many products this company stocks and they all use the active ingredient aloe vera!

The products I have bought from Forever are definitely luxurious especially compared to smearing the aloe gel directly onto my face, the creams are thick and you can feel your skin absorbing the goodness, aloe is scientifically proven to be anti ageing and it boosts collagen and elastin reproduction (we start to lose this around the age of 25!).  Looking into all these wonderful products Forever produced made me want to learn even more about this plant that seems to do so much and what I found was incredible I couldn’t believe that all I originally thought the plant could do was help sunburn.  The bible has five references to aloe vera, this plant goes back to before the bible was written! The Egyptians and Pharaohs used it and it was referred to as the “immortality plant”, it has been used in modern science to help all different kinds of ailments and diseases including cancer and AIDS.  I think more and more people are wanting to understand this wonderful plant and I really wanted to get my findings out to you, I love beauty and finding tricks and tips that can really help and I for one am so happy I became intrigued by this plant.


Along with the moisturiser I also bought a serum which I could use under the moisturiser and a skin replenisher which helps with stretch marks, plus they all help with firming due to the collagen and elastin production along with my lovely aloe drink that I make I really feel that I am doing almost everything I can (naturally) to help reverse the ageing process and look after my skin.

If you have any questions about the products or the drink I make or anything at all please leave your comments 🙂




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