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Slim Sip Diet Trial


So while I was pregnant you could say I over indulged but why not if its anytime to over indulge I think growing a baby is a good excuse, but in all seriousness I did gain a lot more weight than I expected too and while I was carrying my daughter I saw this advert for Slim Sip which seemed at the time to be a miracle drink which was helping women lose weight in a similar way a gastric band would work so I thought to myself once my daughter was born and I was ready I would give it a try, so why not document my experience.  The way the drink works is it is a powder that you mix with water and drink straight away before meals, the drink then turns into a jelly in your stomach and makes you less hungry and you get full up quicker – sounds amazing to me and easy!  Maybe too good to be true but lets hope not as I know it can be so hard for some women to lose weight, sometimes the motivation is lost or we slip up then feel terrible and go onto a downward spiral, this is why I am so determined to give this a good go and hopefully it will help me lose a lot of my baby weight.

I have pretty much tried all diets in the past and I do enjoy carb free diets but I know they aren’t for everyone and this drink could be the answer to helping people stop over snacking because if the drink works then we won’t be getting as hungry as often and that sounds really good to me 🙂

I will record my measurements and weight loss and upload my results weekly – I can say the drink does not taste bad it tastes a bit like Berocca the vitamin drink so there’s no reason for me not to want to drink it (I hope).

I’ll keep you guys posted and if there is any other diet or `product you would like me to try let me know in the comments I’ll be your guinea pig 😀







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