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Desio Lens Review

I have always liked to play around with make up and try new styles which lead me to trying new eye colours and buying coloured contact lenses. I have tried a lot of brands of contact lenses going from hard lenses to soft, daily lenses to ones you can keep in all the time – but I never felt very satisfied with them, it was a case of they looked really unnatural or just did not suit me at all. This lead me to leave the coloured contact lens world for a bit and I thought I would just be one of those people that didn’t really get on with them. Then I heard of Desio contact lenses, they are supposedly meant to be the Cartier of contact lenses and are a bit more pricier than usual lenses so I thought I would give them a try. They have a variety of colours, all are very natural looking, they are made for dark eyes so for lighter eyes I thought I should stick to a shade similar to my own – also going off my past experiences I don’t like too much of a shock with colours as I don’t know if I really suit the change.

So I bought the Desio contact lenses online through and I thought I’d do a review on them, as I’ve personally gone through quite a few coloured contact lenses before. What I do find is that the Desio lenses are so natural you can barely tell I am wearing lenses, they don’t give you so much of a shock when you put them on your eyes which I love. As I said before what has put me off coloured lenses in the past, is that they just don’t look natural and they can look silly where you can absolutely tell that I am wearing contacts. . They come in a very nice high standard packaging with a little booklet of all the other colours they do. You do not get a case for the lenses once you open them so you will need to buy yourself some contact lens solution and a lens pot.

I bought the Desio lenses in the shade Desert Dream, they’re a light green colour, so I thought they would highlight the colours of my natural eyes anyway, just to brighten them up and give them a bit more of a wow factor. I wore them all night at an event and they didn’t irritate my eyes at all they were so comfortable. I can’t really find any faults with the Desio brand only that they don’t send you a case for the lenses once you open them and their solution is so lovely it would be amazing for them to send a little pot with their solution in, but this is just me being really cheeky and expecting the world I guess 🙂

Now I have tried their Dessert Dream shade I definitely want to have a try at some of their blue colours and of course when I do buy some more I will let you guys know about it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped you in any way when deciding what brand or shades to go for and if you have any questions please feel free to comment.

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